Commitment V Consumerism: A Life and Death Struggle

presented by Tim Caughey

Are you growing committed members of a community or affirming a consumer mentality as the driving force for parents? We are dealing with a dramatic shift as Millennium parent’s entre our schools and we grapple with growing moral owners not only for the now, but for the long term viability and strength of our Christian Schools

Business and Finance Workshops

Benchmarking Reports for Schools

presented by Tim Williams

How does your school compare to similar sized schools? SCSBC has been providing benchmarks for several years. This year we will be expanding our benchmarks and providing school finance departments with a report tailor made for each school. This workshop explains the benchmarking tool and how you can use it as part of your school’s budget process.

Business Manager Roundtable

facilitated by Tim Williams

This is a unique opportunity for Christian school business managers to share methods, ask questions and discuss solutions with their peers from other Christian school business offices.

Canadian CSI Insurance Plan – The Value of Choice

presented by Howard Van Mersbergen

This workshop explores how the many options in the CSI Insurance Plan can be used to achieve both cost containment and increased employee satisfaction.

Canadian CSI Pension Plan

presented by Howard Van Mersbergen

This workshop explains how the CSI Plan is designed to provide cost efficiencies and minimize retirement risks for schools and employees. An update on the funded status of the plan will be covered.

Changes to Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations

presented by Michael Loewen

Christian schools may be affected by changes to the accounting standards for NPO’s. Michael will review the new proposed standards and summarize their impact, and explain how your school can prepare for the coming changes.

Charitable Tax Framework 101 for New Business Managers

presented by Tim Williams

SCSBC’s Framework for the Issuance of Charitable Tax Receipts gives parents access to a legitimate charitable receipting option resulting in considerable benefit to those who pay tuition fees to Christian schools. SCSBC has invested significant time, energy and resources in the defense of the framework, which has resulted in a high degree of understanding and acceptance by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This workshop is designed to get new users of the framework up and running.

This workshop assists new business managers understand ic 75-23 and using the SCSBC charitable tax framework.  During the workshop, we will also discuss recent changes for some Alberta schools and how the receipting framework can be modified.

Implementing the New Employment Contracts and HR Best Practice

presented by Henry Contant

Is your school’s current employment contract still serving the best interests of the board and the staff? This workshop covers why new or updated employment contracts are important and highlights the inclusions in the new SCSBC Employment Contracts that were released in 2013. It explains the contracts’ provisions for staff proD, evaluation, and reduction and recall, community standards, and conflict resolution provisions, as well as discussing best HR practices in transitioning employees from an existing contract to a new contract.

Implications of CRA Folio S1-F2-C3 on Christian Schools

presented by Andrea de Ridder

Effective March 28, 2013, Canada Revenue Agency released Tax Folio S1-F2-C3 which replaces and cancels IT-75R4, IT-340R and IT-340RSR. This workshop discusses the implications of these changes for Christian schools in relation to scholarships, bursaries, financial assistance and bad debts.

Is It Time to Update Your Constitution and Bylaws?

presented by Ken Volkenant

In response to recent CRA developments, this workshop will review the areas in your school’s constitution and bylaws that may need to change in order to meet CRA requirements for charitable receipting and the Societies Act requirements.

Paladin Staff Medical Benefits Informational Session

presented by Julius Siebenga and Al Scholing

Paladin is a Benefits and Insurance division of Abbotsford Christian Developments (ACD), a subsidiary company owned by Abbotsford Christian School.  Come and discuss Abbotsford Christian School`s alternative revenue story and understand what we have done to begin answering the question of financial sustainability.

SCSBC Compensation Report 2014-2015

presented by Henry Contant

This workshop explores the findings of the latest SCSBC compensation survey, provides an overview of the  page report, and considers the future challenges facing boards with regards to salaries and employee benefits.

Tax Receipting for Mission Trips

presented by Ron Willms

Mission trips can be tremendous learning opportunities for students in the areas of service, outreach and witness. Some churches and schools issue charitable donation receipts for such student trips and others don’t. This workshop will review the basis upon which schools may consider the option of issuing charitable donation receipts, and how to do so in a manner that is consistent with CRA guidelines to protect both the donor and the school.

Development and Marketing

Community Relations Essentials for Sustainable Growth

presented by Tim Caughey

Community relations structures, departments, and programs are an essential part of engaging and educating our school communities; they cut to the heart of a sustainable future, building understanding and ownership, while being critical to finances, growth and stability.

Getting Where You Want To Go

presented by Cathy Kits

A carefully planned development program is critical.  From needs assessment to strategic initiatives, we will explore the creation of both a dynamic, long term Development Plan and an Annual Development Program.

Is Fundraising a Calling?

presented by Meg Clarke

What is the difference between fundraising and philanthropy?  What are the origins of philanthropy and how do the universal cultural and religious philanthropic traditions drive our work? In the process of linking our daily work to our values, we will examine current research in philanthropic giving and use those results to make better decisions about how to use our time and energy. We will spend time examining the implications for major gifts and capital campaigns.

Q & A for Community Relations Best Practices

presented by Tim Caughey
Tim is the Director of Endeavour, which helps Christian schools and non-profits plan and evaluate their community relations, marketing and development programs. One of their specialties is consulting about maintaining professional and efficient enrolment processes.

Putting God’s Resources to Work in His Kingdom

presented by Maynard Wiersma

We will examine the basics of getting a planned giving program off the ground, (or rebooting the one you started), including encouraging planned giving, how to set up an endowment fund for your school, working with CSS Stewardship Consultants to reach and then meet with your donors and supporters. This is a workshop for those who are not seeing traction in their current program, or would like to start an effective program without much additional work to harness the generosity of their supporters into the future.

Social Media Part 1 and 2

presented by Jonathan Christian

Telling your story for maximum impact and success in the digital age can be a daunting task if you don’t have a clear objective and know how to use social media channels wisely. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine – how can you possibly keep up? For busy people who often don’t have a marketing agency to delegate to, being smart with your time and budget really matters. This two-part session will help you learn to select the best channels to connect with your target audience, how to use those channels effectively, how to manage your time, and forget the rest – guilt free because you’re marketing smarter, not harder!

Jonathan has trained hundreds of local business how to “get and go Social,” in many cases reducing existing marketing budgets but delivering a much higher ROI (Return on Investment). You’ll learn that the real value of Social Media is ROR (Return on Relationship).

Top Ten Opportunities for Giving: Introducing Planned Giving with Donors

presented by Maynard Wiersma

Discover more about the top ten ways of giving and how each tool may be the right tool for your donors and how they can be utilized with Christian Stewardship Services. This workshop is aimed at development directors, board chairs, financial administrators and those with responsibility for fundraising. We take the approach of looking at ten top opportunities for giving and examining:

  • Why is this the right tool for the donor and the situation?
  • What are the ways that this tool can be used?
  • When and how to engage CSS in your conversation with the donor to help with the technical explanation and work of executing on the gift.